Getting Coverage or Becoming a Blogger for the Huffington Post Arts Section

Getting Coverage or Becoming a Blogger for the Huffington Post Arts Section

Thank you for writing!  Even though I’ve stepped away from any official duties, as the founding editor, I still take pride in what I started and want to help you participate.  Here’s how to get on the HuffPost Arts Section’s radar:

If you have anything you want the arts team to see, send it here:
It will go to the wonderful team of people in NY and LA who run the page.

If you want a blogger to write about your work, sorry, we don’t assign bloggers what or when to write. If you want to reach out to one directly, that’s up to you.

If you want to become a blogger, read and follow the instructions below:

The arts page looks for submissions that are intelligent, well-written and rooted in personal opinion or experience. They love first person artists from any media. Personal artist accounts ranging from an emerging artists to everyone from Takashi Murakami, Julian Schnabel to the Principal of the NYC Ballet have appeared on the arts page.  What matters is that the pieces are thoughtful and well-written and contribute to the conversation.

If something inspires you, angers you, excites you, say why, and show pictures and include lots links.  Videos too if it’s relevant.  The Arts Page doesn’t like dry academic or preachy writing. They don’t like conflicts of interest.  They don’t like pieces that are self serving or promotional.  Think of a blog is an Op Ed- an “opinion editorial”.

In order to submit a blog, just send these four things all in one email with the words “Blog Submission from [Your Name]” in the subject line to

Here is the checklist of what you should be sending in ONE EMAIL.

1. Your submission 500-1000 words.  Do not use word documents or PDFS, just put the text into the body of the email.
2. Any Images that might accompany it (with captions).  The arts page loves including images. Do not send YouSendIt or DropBox Files high resolution images are not necessary as these are for web and should be low resolution.  Everything should all fit in the same email as attached JPGs. You need to own or secure the rights to use the images and give photo credit and a caption to accompany each image.
3. Your head shot (a low resolution JPG) is fine also.
4. Your bio — a brief paragraph or two of who you are and your accomplishments.   (Not a resume)

It can take up to a week to have an account for you set up/processed and a blog to be published if it is accepted. It’s crucial that everything is in one email as it needs to be forwarded as a single package to the Blog Team in New York as they don’t accept piece meal submissions.  If you do not hear back within a week, resubmit the entire package to via email because maybe for some reason it was overlooked.

Do not send emails asking how a submission is doing without resubmitting the entire package ever or you will be severely punished.   If the BlogTeam accepts your submission and sets up your account and your first blog, you will receive an email with a password and instructions for you to blog you are in, baby, and you can blog to your heart’s content.

Good luck!

Kimberly Brooks