Leonard Shlain 1937 – 2009

My beloved, brilliant, extraordinary father, author and surgeon Leonard shlain, passed away May 11.  I wrote about the vigil my family held for him.  And then I wrote about the memorial.  Painting is the only thing that is keeping me going right now.

Huffington Post -May 10
A Vigil For My Father, Leonard Shlain by Kimberly Brooks
I asked him the other day while I was helping him add quotes to his newest book: “Are you afraid to die?” “No” he said.” I’m not afraid to die. I just want to live.” Read Whole Article >

Huffington Post – June 1
The Man Who Attended His Own Funeral by Kimberly Brooks
…The memorial, a few days later, was particularly spectacular because he showed up. He had the foresight to have my filmmaker sister, Tiffany Shlain, shoot a video of himself several months beforehand.
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