Fall Newsletter

Friends and Art Lovers–

Hope you had a great summer. I have election fever and it’s hard not to get swept up in it. A quick update on news, recent articles and upcoming exhibitions–

Note: I will be in New York the week of Sept 22-26 and I’ll hosting a lunch for artists featured in “First Person Artist” with the Huffington Post, most of whom I’ve never met. I interviewed some extraordinary artists and provide a sampling of links to essays below. Of course you can read all of them at www.firstpersonartist.com

Speaking of New York, if you’re there this week, GO TO THIS AUCTION!




Although I will be missing it by two weeks, I strongly urge you to attend this Auction hosted by the gallerist Ron Feldman and many other amazing other artists. The auction will be a visual bonanza and it is for a very worthy cause. RSVP to Kristen Zearfoss at 202.683.2559.

In Art,

Kimberly Brooks


Upcoming Exhibitions and News


I’m very excited about my newest series, a series of portraits based on a theme involving high fashion. I’ll be showing early works in this series during the Miami Basel Fair at Aqua Wynward Miami 08.
December 4-7, 2008.


Look for recent works in the December Issue of New American Paintings Juried Exhibition in Print. It’s a big gorgeous $20 art publication that I devour every time it comes in the mail. The Juror is Rita Gonzalez, Asst Curator at LACMA.

There was a swirl of press for the show most of which can be found on my website, but check out the profile in Art Ltd which on stands now. I love the surrealist artist they feature on the cover.


Little Brown chose one of the paintings from the “Technicolor Summer” for the cover of author Maria Semple’s upcoming novel “This One is Mine” which should be hitting bookshelves this Christmas.

Recent First Person Artist Essays

Although I took a majority of the summer off, here is a round up of recent essays where I feature artists and being an artist (among other things) in a weekly column on the Huffington Post. All essays can be found at www.firstpersonartist.com


The Painting Whisperer vs. The Anxiety of Abstraction: Annie Lapin

Take for a moment the spectrum of Realism and the raucous jazz of Abstraction in painting and slide somewhere in the middle. Over to the left is realism flexing its technical prowess, and it is impressive– posing in the sun like a young Arnold Schwarzennegger. But once the painter leaves it, when reality is tweaked or cracked open and abstraction seeps in, the mind wanders inside the crevasses and when done right, it sets the viewer free, free to interpret or imagine something greater than even what the painter had in store. The longer I paint, the more I leave realism and revere painters who ride that certain edge in between. Arnold looks so silly in that bathing suit anyway. Read more >


Artist as Exhibitionist: Blogger Emily Gould

Much has been made of the recent Memorial Day Weekend Issue of the New York Times Magazine displaying, not a war veteran, but former Gawker editor Emily Gould languishing on a bed sporting a wife-beater and tattoo. …. As an artist, I was captivated by the piece on several levels. The narrative details Emily Gould’s journey piercing through the event horizon of celebrity culture and going from being the observer to the observed. What fascinated me most, however, was the x-ray view inside the mind of someone who craves the attention of strangers. As the entire spectacle of her feature betrays, Emily Gould is a masterful exhibitionist. In a sense, the second picture summarizes the ideal attitude you need to have to be an artist– act like you don’t care, but do it half-naked and look hot (i.e: express/expose yourself and make great art). Read more >


Photography Undergoes a Sex Change: Tom Chambers

Over the last ten years, the art of photography has undergone a sex change. The rather masculine act of capturing or “shooting” a moment (“the hunt”) with a sound subject and composition has evolved into one where the real art comes in the editing, not the capturing. The initial “kill” gets skinned, dressed and prepared for a meal by the wonderful witchy post production tool known as Photoshop. The photographer, like a woman putting on make up at her vanity before going out for the evening, edits reality: the best features and colors are enhanced and sharpened, and a new, hyper-realistic art form, with a nod to surrealism of last century, is born. Read more >


Electrik Kool-Aid Art Test: Mike Quinn

…For better or worse, there are ample byproducts of drug culture’s intellect, including, according to Israeli researchers, the Old Testament, where the drug in a popular drink of the time called ayahuasca induced “the seeing of light and profound religious and spiritual feelings.” And anyone who thinks that the Disney illustrators who created Mickey Mouse’s frantic repetitive broom exploits in Fantasia weren’t on anything are frankly clueless….” Read more >

Artist Porn: 10 Things that Turn Me On

Writing a weekly column about artists that turn me on omits a gigantic portion of what turns me on as an artist. The truth is that more artists don’t turn me on than do– there are a hundred for every one I feature. But there are certain things, not by fine artists, per se, that really turn me on and I affectionately refer to them as “Artist Porn”. Read more >

Have a great fall and DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!