Summer Loving in the Golden State

Just in time for the warm weather (not that we’re getting so much of that today in New York), L.A.-based artist Kimberly Brooks brings her dreamlike canvases to Culver City’s Taylor De Cordoba gallery for an exhibit called “Technicolor Summer.” The new series of oil paintings, which focuses on a family grappling with illness in the midst of a California summer, features Golden State backdrops such as Yosemite National Park’s forests and the Pacific Ocean. “Unlike other shows that have very specific ideas tied to them—like a musical artist releasing an album, where each painting is a song—I think I will be painting this show, in some form or another, for the rest of my life,” says Brooks. “Technicolor Summer” will be on view from May 10 to June 14.

– Victoria Namkung
Kimberly Brooks, “Canon Drive,” courtesy of Taylor De Cordoba