Lisa Yuskavage and her Nice Round Eggs

eggs.jpg yusk2.jpg

I heard a rumor that the painter Lisa Yuskavage spent her entire first year of Yale painting eggs. This is equivalent to a pianist practicing nothing but Czerny every day until her technique becomes flawless. Her subjects are so kinky and luscious — I now understand why she makes figurine models to paint from.
She also has a wicked sense of color.

I remember the moment I really understood reflected light. Like certain things in painting, it’s slightly counter-intuitive: you’d think that the when looking at a round object, the further the form recedes is where the shadow is darkest. Yet if you don’t light the edge and spill the surrounding color onto the form, it looks flat, like a sphere cut in half. Light from the other side of a shape actually leaks on to the surface. It’s when you don’t let your brain overrule your eyes, that’s when you can really see.


“Hot Faucet” by Kimberly Brooks