Group Show in Chelsea, Curator Jordan Cantor MOMA

I thought i’d give you some snapshots of the trip to NY this past week. Arrived with my dear friend Karen at the 60 thompson hotel in SoHo…
We ordered martinis on the rooftop when thunder clouds started forming. We machinated about how much we could squeeze into the next 48 hours.
We walked up the street in the rain and had a late dinner at Balthazar.
All I could think about was the exhibition the next night.

The next day we went gallery hopping in Chelsea. My favorite exhibit was Jenny Seville at the Gagosian, Michael Steinberg Gallery and Remy Toledo. There were some surprises at the smaller galleries with excellent paintings. But the mood was very much photography and video installations over all.

* * * The Exhibition * * *

Opted for the assasin/vixen look to ward off evil.


Wore killer assymetrical As4 dress with single spiral zipper that starts at my shoulder and goes all the way around my waste below my knees;
smokey eyes/pale lipstick…


Since there were twenty artists with their friends and families, it couldn’t help but to resemble the joint (x20) bar mitzvah celebration of an overly ambitious temple. There were a lot of parents and friends of the winners so it was heavily packed with people who, perhaps, don’t often attend art shows. During the curator’s lecture, one lady in the back, in a strong brooklyn accent, asked, “I thought this was a juried show so where are the eleven members of the jury?” Hilarious. It was very cool to be selected as the curator, Jordan Kantor of MOMA, chose only 20 works of 1800 submissions. The work ranged from a megaphone sliced in half with marcaroni alphabet pasta — spray painted in black across the floor, 

to a beaded maniquin’s head,

to four stacks of black construction paper two feet high with blue paint streaked on the top…and the rest photographs and paintings. Jordan gave a talk during which he singled mine out as masterfully executed and being a “a modern riff on a 30s style”. He placed my painting next to a photograph of a rapper in the same position “all arms and lips” he said. Here’s the piece again below:
After three hours in those shoes, we went to the Chelsea Hotel for tapas and cocktails for an “After Party”. Then we had a great sushi dinner but i’ll spare you a picture of raw fish.


Now back home and into the studio~09studio.jpg