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Otis School of Art & Design
Oil Painting Workshop with Kimberly Brooks
Sept 9 – Nov 16 2019

Join Artist Kimberly Brooks for this intermediate painting workshop where students will refine their techniques and personal style when approaching the canvas. Students will be exposed to practical techniques involving building different types of grounds, color mixing, and when to employ tightness vs. looseness.  With an emphasis on safe, solvent-free studio practices, this class will teach techniques for oil painting used by Rembrandt and Velasquez) that minimize exposure to toxic chemicals.

Kimberly Brooks is the recipient of the Franklyn Liegel Award for Teaching Excellence.


Flow and Fluency: Set your artistic exploration free by understanding the architecture that makes up the grounds of a painting, whether you are working figuratively, representationally or abstractly. In this workshop, students with basic oil painting experience are exposed to new approaches for composing, including practical techniques, building different types of grounds, color mixing, how to layer and deconstruct, and when to employ tightness versus looseness. Develop approaches for keeping your art as fresh as possible while simultaneously building the scaffolding to create a cohesive body of work through this engaging exploration of painting.
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Franklyn Liegel Award for Teaching Excellence

Kimberly Brooks has taught oil painting techniques and practices to hundreds of students around the country. Students often cite an uncommonly thorough understanding of the materials, safe practices and a delightful way of disseminating the information with hand outs, demonstrations and inspiration as what makes her unique as an instructor. As an active exhibiting artist, former editor and curator, Brooks works with each individual with foundational knowledge and then guides them towards building a body of work that will take them to the next level.


Otis Convocation Ceremony


Otis Convocation Ceremony


Franklyn Liegel Award for Teaching Excellence



Legendary Teacher Franklyn Liegel


Taking a one-week intensive oil painting class from Kimberly Brooks radically changed my art practice. Not only did I gain an incredible respect for the act of oil painting, I also developed an intense interest to push myself beyond my limits of knowledge and to embrace all the unique techniques that make oil painting so captivating. Kimberly Brooks has a deep well of oil painting knowledge that she freely shared with me, and our group. With great enthusiasm Brooks encouraged each of us to keep experimenting and paying attention to our results so that we could gain ownership of our preferences, styles and abilities. Each day I grew in confidence and looked for moments of revelation to become part of my advancement in oil painting. Behind humor and spontaneous disciplinary comments, Brooks delivered outstanding tidbits of wisdom that I am forever grateful. I know for certain, that as I progress in my oil painting art practice, I will often be reminded of her gregarious smile, animated comments, vampire stories, and genuine generosity to share her artistic intelligence.  Kimberly Brooks impact on my art life is indelible.
– Gail M.

Throughout the course I have regained my desire to grow as a painter.  You unlocked some sort of creative block that I wasn’t even aware I had. I would paint but with little regularity, consistency and often times when I would paint it would not be for myself. I was hesitant to touch the canvas because I was allowing myself to be completely overtaken with fear the how I was going to approach the painting.  In no way was I asking myself the right questions, like what kind of color palette would I use or how would I compose my images to make them appear as part of a series. After the first couple of paintings you gave me the language to find how I wanted to express myself through painting and reinvigorated my love for it. Now, with my creative block gone, it feels as if paintings are dripping from my fingertips with such a sense of urgency that I can barely keep up!
– Brittany W.


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