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First Person Artist

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First Person Artist: by Kimberly Brooks

Fellow Artists and Art Lovers~
In addition to preparing for my upcoming show in the spring, in the past few months I’ve taken some of the thoughts and conversations I normally have with other artists and turned it into a weekly column on the Huffington Post. I call the column “First Person Artist” and it features myself and other contemporary artists who share their thoughts and inspirations. So far, I’ve touched upon topics ranging including, the environment, feminism, war, death, religion, technology, from Jesus, Barbie to spiderman. I see it as an extension of what I do in the studio and being a part of the art community. I’m interviewing some wonderful artists in all kinds of mediums with many more to come.

Greatest Hits include:
The Creative Process in Eight Stages
The Defiant Iranian Painter Abelina Galustian
From Miami Basel with Love
You can find the column on the home page of the Huffington Post every Saturday and the cover of its “Living Section” all weekend. To view all the columns go to

Kimberly Brooks

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