Upcoming 2010 Los Angeles Exhibition

A New Series of Oil Portraits by

K I M B E R L Y   B R O O K S
“The Stylist Project”

February 27 – April 3, 2010

2660 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034  |  tel: 310.559.9156
Artist Reception: Sat, February 27, 6 – 8 pm


“Elizabeth Stewart”  (Stylist for New York Times Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar) The Stylist Project, Oil on Linen by Kimberly Brooks

About The Stylist Project

The Los Angeles installment of “The Stylist Project” at Taylor De Cordoba, debuts a series of portraits of people with extraordinary style, focusing on major  Los Angeles-based stylists, style-makers and fashion editors, styling themselves.  The New York Exhibition with New York Style-makers will be Spring 2011.

I have often painted women and figures based around a theme. During my 2007 solo exhibition “Mom’s Friends” about my mother and her friends in 1970s Marin County, I embraced the idea of fashion as a language within painting.  For this show, I sought a way to make fashion the subject itself and to bring to life the people, often a mystery to the public, who wield fashion just as I do my paint and brush.   Each portrait is very different.  It is a collaboration between two artists.

In my research I learned that there is a very hierarchical ecosystem of people considered style-makers and that “stylist” is actually a misnomer.  The project encompasses a range of professions including costume designers, magazine creative directors, fashion editors, celebrity stylists, and style icons. For this reason I use the term “stylist” a bit loosely.

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The Women of Women: The Female Form


“Valentino, Cartier and Rachel Zoe” Oil on Linen by Kimberly Brooks

The Women of Women: The Female Form, curated by Yasmine Mohseni January 16, 2010 – February 20, 2010 Opening reception: Saturday January 16, 2010 from 6-8PM

Taylor De Cordoba is pleased to present The Women of Women: The Female Form, a group exhibition curated by Yasmine Mohseni. The multi-media exhibition examines women artists depicting the female form. In the history of art, the male gaze has traditionally determined how the female is portrayed. Male artists have long painted the female form for a male audience, therefore assuming control of how the woman is depicted. Contemporary female artists have broken the passive mold once associated with representations of women by seizing control of the gaze. These emerging artists focus on the portrayal of the female in a multitude of incarnations.

LA-based artist Kimberly Brooks previews a painting from her new portrait series, depicting celebrated fashion stylists in her signature saturated Hockney-inspired style. Susan Anderson spent over two years traveling the country to photograph child beauty pageant contestants in extravagant costumes and poses. The result is the portrayal    of very young girls looking back at the viewer with a bold gaze one would expect to see from a mature woman. Alika Cooper approaches portraits as though they were landscapes. Her quick and instinctive hand is visible in her work, capturing emotion and narrative with just a few sparse lines.

Photographers Danielle Mourning and Roya Falahi turn the gaze onto themselves through self-portraiture. In her new series, Falahi intertwines her Iranian heritage with her love of American punk rock by photographing herself wearing a rousari, a traditional Iranian headscarf, that she has meticulously covered in silver studs. Falahi re-appropriates symbols traditionally associated with imposed submission and rebelliousness, respectively, and imbues them with new meaning, reflecting the artist!s complex and multicultural identity. Meanwhile, Mourning!s reflexive work looks more to poetry than prose. Her ethereal photographs revisit her early childhood in the Northern California, fulfilling her objective to imagine history as it once was and question how it is fixed within the present.

Yasmine Mohseni is a Los Angeles-based arts writer and independent curator. Her articles have been published in Beautiful/Decay, BlackBook, Canvas, ForYourArt.com, Newsweek, and Whitewall. She covers contemporary art and culture for magazines, with an emphasis on contemporary Middle Eastern art. Past curatorial projects include exhibitions at the Tarryn Teresa Gallery and POVevolving in Los Angeles.

Taylor De Cordoba is located at 2660 S La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles, CA and is open from Tuesday – Saturday, 11am-6pm. For additional press information, contact Heather Taylor at heather@taylordecordoba.com or (310) 559-9156.

Aqua Art Miami – Wynwood 2009

AquaWynwardKimberlyBrooksAQUA ART MIAMI – WYNWOOD 2009


Taylor De Cordoba – Booth # 29

December 3 – 6, 2009.
42 NE 25th St.
Miami FL 33137 (at N Miami Ave)
Aqua Art Miami

If you are planning to attend the fair, please contact the gallery for a limited supply of complimentary passes.

Taylor De Cordoba
2660 S La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Image Details: Kimberly Brooks, “The Stylist Project”, Grace Coddington, Study, 2009, oil on linen, 16″ x 12″ ; Chris Natrop, Gleaming Without Us – Moss, 2008, ultrachrome print and machined cast acrylic, 23”x31”x1 1/8”

Made in California


Made in California
Kimberly Brooks will be participating in a Group Show in Santa Monica featuring California Artists “Made in California” June 25th to July 12th

Peter Alexander
Stan Bitters
Kimberly Brooks
Jamie Daughters
Laddie John Dill
Ed Moses
Samuel Moyers
Daniel Wheeler

“Made in California”

Thursday evening June 25th to celebrate our Golden State with California artists and friends Peter Alexander, Stan Bitters, Kimberly Brooks, Jamie Daughters, Laddie John Dill, Ed Moses, Samuel Moyers and Daniel Wheeler. Special guest Eames Demetrios, pop-up store by our own Trina Turk. A portion of the evening proceeds to PS Arts.

THE GOLDEN STATE proudly features California- based designers including Amahlia Stevens, Ash Francomb, Calleen Cordero, Clare Vivier, Melanie Apple, Michelle Jonas, Rebecca Norman, Staci Woo, Trina Turk and products that reflect our lifestyle and culture. Opens June 2nd.


Exhibition: All Under One Roof: A Selection of LA Artists



(213) 627-5100
Exhibition: All Under One Roof: A Selection of LA Artists.
Guest curator: Yasmine Mohseni
Dates: April 10-May 8, 2009
Reception: April 10, 2009, 7-11pm
Location: Tarryn Teresa Gallery, 1820 Industrial St, #230, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Monday-Friday 11:00am-5:00pm, Saturday 11:00am-4:00pm

Tarryn Teresa Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition by guest curator Yasmine Mohseni. The themed exhibition examines interpretations and representations of homelands. Adopted homes. Native lands. New homes. Temporary homes. The 10 exhibiting artists of varying ages and backgrounds examine this personal theme in different media and aesthetics. Where we are and where we are from are inextricably linked to our identity and the way we see the world. And all these artists live under one roof, the city of LA.

Roya Falahi, an Iranian-American photographer working in downtown LA, draws upon unique facets of identity and culture. In her technically stunning portrait series, Camo Tactics (Smells Like Blood), Roya adopts military tactics of camouflage to create phantasmagorical scenes. The disguised and veiled woman is further obscured by the all-red composition; all vestiges of her individual identity are removed. The viewer is left wondering if this woman is a victim of religious fundamentalism or if she’s toying with the portrayal of Iranian contemporary culture by western news media. In Irving Greines’ Working Girls photos, there is no veiling or obscuring; the mannequins’ faces are wholly visible. Irving has humanized these inanimate objects and pulls the viewer into their sad world. The layers of meaning attached to these 2 photos reflect the dichotomies of the artist’s native LA. At the height of their glory, these women may have graced the windows of high fashion stores on Rodeo Drive. Now they are old and broken with flaking skin. Found in the boutiques of Central LA, these working girls are not your typical mannequins: they raise issues of gentrification and class disparity in this decentralized sprawling city. Evoking differences between rich and poor, youth and aging, they suggest the often overlooked beauty that can be found amidst urban blight and ugliness.

Venice-based painter Kimberly Brooks’s representations of LA focus on the light and color of landscape. In her series Technicolor Summer, she melds compositional and thematic influences from David Hockney’s Los Angeles with the bold and decorative style of French Nabis artists like Pierre Bonnard and Edouard Vuillard. Kimberly paints scenes from a summer experienced in high definition. California becomes a living and breathing entity pulsing with vivid color, where the human figure is secondary to the landscape it inhabits. It is a life lived in technicolor. Multi-media artist Kristin Jai Klosterman captures a different aspect of California landscape. Images of oil jack pumps and windmills underscore a harnessing of Southern California’s natural resources. Kristin’s application of oxidized iron to the canvas heightens her work’s industrial aesthetic. And, while her subject matter deals with heavy industry, she
unearths an unexpected rhythmic grace and beauty from the machinery that dots the Southern California landscape from the coastline to the wind farms of Palm Springs.

A recurrent theme in Culver City-based artist Amir H. Fallah’s work is transient homes. In his series, I Put You on a Pedestal, he draws inspiration from diverse sources such as tree houses, tent cities, Al Qaeda bunkers and refugee camps. In these multi-media works on paper, the child-like innocence of the tree house coexists with ominous Al Qaeda bunkers. Tent cities and refugee camps address a nomadic existence, for both the willing and the unwilling participant. His theme is inclusive in that transience is a reality for a large part of the world’s population. Yet, his compositions seem to focus on the individual within the greater collective. In all 3 works, a single structure climbs vertically up the paper as though to reflect an individual’s solitary trajectory. Conceptual artist Gabriela Anastasio broaches a similar topic in a very different way. With her two monumental installations Cubiculum and Archetype, Gabriela considers the concepts of the individual and the collective. In her flagship piece, Cubiculum, the New York transplant handcrafted 402 individual wood cubes which she stacks and balances differently each time, depending on the space it inhabits. A process she documents in short tightly edited videos that demonstrate the delicate process of balancing and stacking each cube. Cubiculum bring to mind dichotomies of the individual and its place within a greater collectivity. Furthermore, the uniformity of the cubes emphasizes the notion of one among many. Her second installation, the monumental Archetype, explores the individual. This delicate skeletal armature is reinforced by bands of knotted cloth, the structure’s skin. Through its inanimate forms, the restrained elegance of Archetype emanates visual cues of human individuality. Archetype is an exploration of the individual within the greater context of Cubiculum’s collectivity.

About the Guest Curator

Yasmine Mohseni is a Los Angeles-based arts writer and independent curator. Her articles have beenpublished in magazines such as BlackBook, Discover, Newsweek, and Whitewall. She is the U.S.correspondant for the Dubai-based arts magazine Canvas and is a contributing writer at Artworks andForYourArt.com. Yasmine has an M.A. in Art and Design History from the Bard Graduate Center in NewYork City, a B.A. in Art History from Occidental College in Los Angeles, and a diploma from Christie’sEducation in Paris. She has worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Christie’s NewYork, and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

About Tarryn Teresa Gallery

Tarryn Teresa Gallery is a contemporary gallery dedicated to exhibiting conceptual art in all media. Thegallery seeks to recognize artists whose statement reflects a refined and perfected process in the service oflarger conceptual framework. Tarryn Teresa Gallery is committed to pursuing public art projects and installations.

artHAUS 2009

Group exhibition on Main Street in Venice for artHAUS. The exhibition features twenty five artists from Berlin and Los Angeles. The curator, Thomas Shirmboeck, flew in Wednesday from Germany to hang the show. Here are the details:The Opening Reception is Saturday Jan 24th at 5 PMAddress is 700 Main Street in Venice (Valet avail)It’s open during this weekend from 12-4 Saturday and Sunday, then by apt only. Www.arthaus.usartHAUS Banner


artHAUS 2009

los angeles | berlin



Exhibition: artHAUS 2009 Los Angeles – Berlin25 Artists 9 LoftsJan 24- Feb 24Reception: Sat June 24, 2009 5:00 pmOpening Weekend Sat/Sun 12:00-4:00Location: Dogtown Station700 Main StreetVenice, CAVenice, CA–artHAUS is a group show featuring twenty five artists from Los Angeles to Berlin curated by Thomas Schirmböck of Zephyr Gallery and the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen in Mannheim, Germany. The works consist of photography, painting, sculpture and video and are spread throughout nine Manhattan-style lofts at Dogtown Station 700 Main Street in Venice, California. There will be a reception for the artists Saturday January 24, at 5:00 pm.

The theme of the show, Confrontation:Collaboration, portrays “…how two related but often enough misunderstood parts of the world meet in a fest for art” says Thomas Schirmboeck, Curator. “Abstract painting is confronted with self reflecting photography, sculptures which give us the idea to understand the world of creatures meet aerial photography; falling artists meet in video art the false beauty of the Oktoberfest. Art is always about the world and how to see her, transform her. This show brings splinters from different kinds of art together and lays them out like a mosaic in which colors, techniques and materials stand together.”

About artHAUS

ArtHAUS is a roaming international exhibition that integrates contemporary art and architecture by engaging world class curators to showcase cutting edge artwork– photography, video, sculpture and painting– in newly renovated, unfurnished residences that celebrate the newest local architecture of the host city.The ArtistsFeatured artists include painters Charles Arnoldi, Edith Baumann, Kimberly Brooks, Craig Butler and Myriam Holme; photographers, Douglas Busch, Ford Gilbreath, Werner Huthmacher, Ruth Hutter, E.F. Kitchen, Jenny Tall Kroftova, Robert Mack, Jurgen Nogai, Marc Raeder, Florian Reischauer, Stefanie Schneider, Bill Sosin, Joachim Seinfeld, Marvin Wax, Al Weber and Sascha Weidner; and sculptors Tom Chapin, Gwynn Murrill. Roughly half of the artists are based in Southern California and the other half from Germany.

About Thomas Schirmböck, artHAUS 2009

CuratorThomas Schirmboeck is the director of the Zephyr Gallery and curater for the contemporary photography for the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen in Mannheim, Germany. Mr. Schirmboeck has produced eighty four shows internationally ranging from photography, painting and installation. From 1996 – 2004 he was founding manager of “Fotogalerie Alte Feuerwache”, a public space for photography and related media as one of the leading art spaces for contemporary media in Southern Germany. Before this he lectured in art history at the Manheim University. He is and was a member of several public commissions including Germaine-Krull-Foundation, Wetzlar, Germany, Welde-KunstPreis, Schwetzingen, and senior member of the board City Gallery of Mannheim. He studied art history, archaeology and political sciences at Heidelberg University. As an editor he has published numerous catalogues and written essays for book publishers.For more information about the event go to www.arthaus.usPress Inquiries contact Deborah Campbell using our contact form or call 310.457.5477###

Kimberly Brooks Aqua Winward Booth #5

Finally– the election loosened its grip of my mind and the paint, which had been reduced to a trickle, is now flowing in rivers for my next show, a special series of portraits. I’ll be debuting the new work at Aqua Wynward Miami during the Miami Basel Fair where I’ll be from Dec 2-6. The opening night preview is Dec 2nd, the fair runs Dec 3-7 and it’s at my gallery Taylor De Cordoba’s Booth #5. rose

I hope to see you in there ~