Upcoming Exhibition Mt San Antonio College “Fever Dreams” Fall 2018


Media Contact: Cynthia Orr
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K I M B E R L Y   B R O O K S
“Fever Dreams”   

Exhibition Dates: September 27-December 6, 2018
Mt. San Antonio College Reception: Thursday, September 27, 2018 from 4-6pm
Artist Reception: Sunday, September 30, 2018 from 4-6pm

July 5, 2018 | Walnut, CA — The Mt. San Antonio College Art Gallery is pleased to present Fever Dreams, a solo exhibition featuring new and small works spanning the career of Los Angeles-based artist KIMBERLY BROOKS, curated by FATEMEH BURNES. A poetry reading event will take place at the artist reception on  September 30, 2018 at 5:00 pm. The event will feature Los Angeles Poets who have used Brooks’ work as inspiration. Additionally artist Kimberly Brooks will be present to sign the accompanying exhibition book, Fever Dreams.

Brooks’ latest exhibition, Fever Dreams, will feature new paintings alongside smaller past works that span the last fifteen years of her career. The newer large paintings continue the narrative of ancient landscapes along with magical gold and silver doorways as an entry into an altered universe.  In the large triptych “Through the Looking Glass” Brooks features an inception-like image of a landscape within another painting of a landscape. In “Jerusalem Church”, a vibrant mosaic on silver dances next to and on top of a loose underpainting and geometric floor.  In the diptych, “Evergreen”, a vase-strewn ledge overlooks an ancient forest as if peering from a balcony within a tapestry. Appropriately, scenes depicted on these canvases seem to come from a fever dream, and the palpable tension between abstraction and representation continues in her work.  This is in marked contrast to her early work, where Brooks depicted light as she saw it, reflected in pools and on the figure in shows such as “Mom’s Friends” and “Technicolor Summer” from which many of the earlier studies come. Curiously, whether because of the small scale or medium of watercolor, gouache and oil, the looseness and abstraction in these studies, never before seen in public, have a much stronger connection to the new larger paintings than the works they were intended to anticipate.  The juxtaposition of these two bodies from different times periods expose a foreshadowing and offers a first-hand look into the creative process of a painter as she wrestles with intention and acquiesces to the material and her imagination.

Kimberly Brooks is an American painter. Her work blends figuration and abstraction to focus on subjects related to memory, reality, history, representation, and identity. Brooks’ work has been showcased in numerous juried exhibitions including curators from Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum of Modern Art, California Institute of the Arts and Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  As an artist she was recently featured by the National Endowment for the Arts. www.kimberlybrooks.com

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REVIEW: WhiteHot Magazine by Daniel Maidman


When I was in film school, before the millennium, we were instructed always to reserve some time at the end of shooting in each room. During this time, we were to record several minutes of silence in the room. This “room tone” could then be seamlessly woven in wherever sound editing called for dialogue shot in that space to pause. 

The point of room tone was that the ear can hear a mismatch if two different silences are welded together in the editing. No two silences are alike. Silence is full of timbre. Each room has a personality which comes to the fore in the quiet that falls after its occupants have left.

This concept comes to mind when considering many of the paintings in Kimberly Brooks’s solo show Brazen, at Zevitas Marcus in Los Angeles.

Painting is sight, but some painters naturally summon other senses in service of their imagery. Brooks summons sound, and yet she does not imply noises. She is a painter of silence, of the full, textured silence of room tone. The rooms she depicts are stately and filled with luxurious objects. People have perpetually just vacated them. Their conversations or laughter have fallen away. There is a stuffy close quality to the air. It is trapped and moves only in tiny currents. The personality of these rooms comes into focus now that they are empty.

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