• Comprehensive, Engaging Curriculum
  • How to Think in Three Dimensions
  • Join Community of Artists from Around the World
  • Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Solvent-Free Best Practices
  • Video Demonstrations + Weekly Live Sessions
  • Exclusive Streaming Visits with Contemporary Artists
  • Limited Availability




This course includes:

  • A detailed list of materials to get started.
  • Everything you want to know about the materials and mediums, and how to paint without solvents.
  • Best practices, from setting the table to thinking in three dimensions.
  • How to set your practice up to build a body of work

The class, which will be limited to a small number of students, is accompanied by live weekly sessions to review the material and works in progress. Starts September 23.  Enrollment open September 9th.

About the Fall Oil Painting Program


SIGN UP 1 Week Summer Workshop at Anderson Ranch, Colorado


Setting your artistic exploration free starts with understanding the architecture that makes up the grounds of a painting, whether you are working figuratively, representationally or abstractly. In this workshop, students with basic oil painting experience are exposed to new approaches for composing, including practical techniques, building different types of grounds, color mixing, how to layer and deconstruct, and when to employ tightness versus looseness. Develop techniques for keeping your art as fresh as possible while simultaneously building the scaffolding to create a cohesive body of work through this engaging exploration of painting.

Media & Techniques:

With a strong emphasis on safe studio practices, this class teaches techniques for oil painting used by Rembrandt and Velasquez. We learn to minimize our exposure to toxic chemicals, while at the same time work with traditional painting methods.

Activities:We explore various materials, build our skills in several painting techniques, and develop many paintings from beginning to end throughout the week. We learn through technical instruction, individual feedback and guided studio time.

Faculty:Kimberly Brooks is a contemporary painter who blends figuration and abstraction to explore a variety of subjects dealing with memory, history and identity. She exhibits nationally, and her work has been showcased in numerous publications and exhibitions including the Whitney Museum, MOMA and California Institute of the Arts.

Building Grounds: The Fundamentals of Oil Painting – D0611
Skill Level(s): I, II
Instructor(s): Kimberly Brooks

Workshop Registration begins January 2, 2017



Kimberly Brooks Receives Teaching Excellence Award at OTIS



Los Angeles- Otis College of Art and Design has awarded Kimberly Brooks The Franklin Leigel Award for Teaching Excellence and made her the award’s first recipient. The award was created in the late beloved teacher’s honor after he passed in 2012.

Kimberly Brooks, a was a student of Mr. Leigel’s in the late 1990s and 2000s and brings many of the lessons and practices to her painting classes.  Franklyn Leigel was famous for encouraging students to build grounds as foundations on the canvas and which Kimberly Brooks has incorporated and refined in her teaching today.


Franklyn Leigel taught painting at Otis for over twenty years. He built his reputation exhibiting internationally in exhibitions over thirty years and was a graduate of the OTIS MFA program.

“I am doubly honored to receive this award as Franklyn Leigel was also my mentor when I first came to Los Angeles and study Painting. His instruction style was passionate and elliptical. After an hour lecture about the importance of grounds and then he would walk around the room and react to each student’s painting in progress.  He would stare for a long time, with the intensity of a doctor deciphering a symptom, and then surprise us with advice we often couldn’t anticipate.  Paint her hair blue.  Get rid of him altogether.  Consider yellow ochre. You need a pattern.  Glaze the whole thing with pthalo green and then decide. Sometimes he was gentle, other times he hollered in a kind of exasperated despair.  After an outburst, he would recoil so deeply that the students often felt the need to soothe him lest he think he offended one of us but he never did. In fact we loved and craved his astute yet unpredictable opinions.”
– Kimberly Brooks

SOLD OUT Spring Master Class with KIMBERLY BROOKS @ OTIS



Join Artist Kimberly Brooks for this intermediate painting workshop where students will refine their techniques and personal style when approaching the canvas. Students will be exposed to practical techniques involving building different types of grounds, color mixing, and when to employ tightness vs. looseness.  Brooks will share various techniques for embracing every stage in the life cycle of creating a work of art as well as assembling a body of work for exhibition.  With an emphasis on safe studio practices, this class will teach techniques for Oil Painting (used by Rembrandt and Velasquez) that minimize exposure to toxic chemicals.

Prerequisite: drawing and composition, introduction to painting: material and techniques.  First class materials: enrolled students will be given an itemized list of basic painting materials and colors.


SOLD OUT: 1 Week Summer Painting Workshop ANDERSON RANCH ARTS Center in CO, July 6 – 10, 2015



Kimberly Brooks

DATES: July 6 – 10, 2015


CONCEPT: If painting is a grand mansion with the foyer being realism, we walk through the door, and explore the surrounding rooms of figuration to abstraction. Students are exposed to practical techniques involving building different types of grounds, color mixing, and when to employ tightness vs. looseness. We look at techniques for keeping ones’ work as fresh as possible, simultaneously the scaffolding to create bodies of work for an exhibition.

MEDIA & TECHNIQUES: With an emphasis on safe studio practices, students learn techniques for oil painting (used by Rembrandt and Velasquez) that minimize exposure to toxic chemicals. As modern technology is a painter’s powerful ally, computer technologies will be incorporated for students who are interested in integrating digital tools with their practice.

ACTIVITIES: We will begin with initial technical instruction and demonstrations and then move on to produce multiple paintings from beginning to end over the course of the week.

FACULTY: Kimberly Brooks is a contemporary American painter that blends figuration and abstraction to explore a variety of subjects dealing with memory, history and identity. Kimberly exhibits nationally. Her work has been showcased in numerous publications and exhibitions. www.kimberlybrooks.com

Tuition: $920 OR Tuition + Studio Support Donation: $1120
Studio Fee: $75

Workshop Registration begins January 2, 2015


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