MIAMI Magazine: featuring Kimberly Brooks




Los Angeles artist Kimberly Brooks has made a career out of depicting how the other half lives. Her latest exhibit, I nOtice People Disappear, Feb 6 – March 6, takes the concept even further. Inspiried by the individuals, customs and rituals of high society in the 18th century British India, Brooks presents the world of the privileged as if recalled from a feverish dream. Abstract scenes and portraits seem to disappear into their canvases in a not-quite lucid interpretation that’s hard to look away from.  “It wasn’t deliberate, but whenever I painted people, I imagined them as if they had lost their physicality and were more of a remembrance than a reality,” says Brooks.  “I want people to look at the work and feel as though they’re seeing what they’d see if they imagined it themselves. I want them to get a sense of painting as a vessel or a keyhole into another reality.”  Arthouse 429, 429 25th St., West Palm Beach, 561. 231.0429,

– Michael Musquiz