Introducing 7 Rings: Online Game of Artist Telephone

What happens when you invite a group of artists to play their own game of online “telephone,” that is, to create and post a work of art in response to another piece of art, but with only 24 hours to do so?

Kimberly Brooks, artist and editor of HuffPost Arts, an online arts hub, will present this Monday the first installation of “7 Rings,” a collaborative project created by Rebecca Campbell and Nicole Walker engaging a growing list of 60 writers and artists who will create individual works in response to each other.

The project starts on Monday August 2nd, when a painting by Rebecca Campbell will appear on HuffPost. The subject of the picture is Campbell’s two small children, asleep, which the artist painted within 24 hours after spotting a headline, “Wake Them When It’s Over,” that appeared on The Huffington Post about the media’s blasé coverage of recent damning military leaks about the war in Afghanistan. On Tuesday, August 3rd, Nicole Walker, the poet and essayist, will respond to Rebecca’s work, making the first link.

On Wednesday, August 4th, pop installation artist Nancy Kienholz will post a photo of the creation she makes in response to Walker’s poem. Again, Kienholz will have under a day to finish and post her piece. Writer and poet Nick Flynn will have 24 hours to post a response to Kienholz’s piece, on Thursday, August 5th. This game of telephone will go on for 60 days, seven days a week. And perhaps longer, as additional artists sign on to the project.

The idea is to spark a spontaneous online dialogue between artists of multiple disciplines.  7 Rings brings to life the creative process while leveraging the immediacy and sense of community of the web. The results are sure to be surprising and thought-provoking.

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