Angeleno- Who Says Fashion Isn’t Art?

Who says fashion isn’t art?  For her latest exhibition, The Stylist Project, painter Kimberly Brooks enlisted a group of renowned Hollywood stylists to outfit themselves and pose for portraits.  “I started thinking of fashion as a language.” says the artist, whose previous work has focused on subjects closer to home (think paintings of her mom’s friends in the 70s, or images of her summertime memories).  This time, her inspiration came while attending a lecture at LACMA that discussed Coco Chanel’s influence on the work of Henri Matisse.  Brooks scouted out those whom she thought were most influential “style makers” in L.A., including Arianne Phillips, Rose Apodaca and Rachel Zoe.  “Everyone is an artist in some form or another — not everybody is a painter, but everyone does get dressed in the morning.”  Feb 27 – April 3.  Tues. – Sat., 11am – 6PM. At Taylor De Cordoba Gallery.  2660 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, 310.559.9156 or