Brooks Painting Cover of Zoo View Magazine

Venice-based artist Kimberly Brooks’ painting of “Randa”, the Indian white rhinoceros at the LA Zoo, is on the cover of “Zoo View”. For the first time, the quarterly will feature a painting instead of a photograph. It is distributed to over 85,000 households.

The cover was chosen to celebrate the Getty Museum’s Jean-Baptiste Oudry Exhibit featuring the painting of the Rhino “Clara” painted in 1749. In consideration for Randa’s Indian heritage, Brooks drew from her collection of Indian miniature paintings created around the sixteenth century Mughal Empire which she discovered during her stays in India. 10,000 copies will also be distributed at the Getty Museum. The Oudry painting was recently restored by the Getty Museum for their exhibition “Oudry’s Painted Menagerie”. In addition to a celebration with the artist at the Getty Museum, the painting was auctioned by Christie’s Auction House during the Beastly Ball to raise money for the LA Zoo.

Kimberly Brooks has had two sold out shows in Los Angeles in the last year. Her work has been featured in numerous juried exhibitions organized by curators from the Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum of Modern Art and California Institute of the Arts among others. Brooks earned her B.A. from UC Berkeley and trained in fine arts at Otis College of Design and UCLA. She lives in Los Angeles and maintains her studio in Venice, CA.